Our Technology

At Willowbrook Aesthetic Dentistry, we offer top of the line technology to help prevent any dental health issues before they become more expensive and a larger health concern.

With advanced dental technology nowadays, we are able to save more time to spot any oral health problems which is why we use the best technology available.

Waterlase iPlus

The Waterlase Plus is the most trusted all-tissue laser in the dental industry. This minimally-invasive treatment can be used for a variety of safe and accurate treatments, including removing tooth decay, re-contouring gum tissue, and reshaping the bone. This technology gives patients a comfortable experience and built-in repair protocols with advanced capabilities to promote a healthy smile.

Waterlase allows your dentist to form a wide range of procedures with benefits including:

  • Gentler treatment with faster healing
  • Replaces the use of dental drill
  • Less anesthetic for most procedures
  • Can treat dental needs in more than one part of the mouth in one visit
  • Makes dental care a more relaxing experience for you

Epic Laser Dentistry

Epic Laser Dentistry is one of the most advanced technologies in the field of dentistry and can be used to treat gum disease and TMJ pain, as well as services for oral surgery and teeth whitening. This technology combines thermal energy and focused light, providing patients with a gentle dental experience and ensuring the highest levels of precision as the dentist works. The laser is designed to reduce trauma to the gums, promote faster healing, and minimize post-operative discomfort.

SOPIX2 Digital Imaging

SOPIX sensors are used for digital imaging, allowing our dental team to capture highly detailed x-rays while minimizing radiation exposure. The technology delivers excellent image quality every time, helping to reduce the need for multiple images. These quality images provide the dental team with essential information for improving both diagnostics and treatments.

SOPRO 717 Intra Oral Camera

This intra-oral camera allows the dentist to capture close-up images of teeth in need of repair. The affected portion of the tooth can be magnified as much as 200 times, giving the dentist a closer look at the treatment area. Not only do these images facilitate the treatment process, but patients can also see the images to have a better understanding of the treatments that need to be done to fix the tooth.

X-Mind Prime

This CBCT digital imaging tool uses both 2D and 3D technologies to provide detailed images and a full set of panoramic exams. X-Mind Prime is often used in many clinical applications, such as TMJ, endodontics, implantology, and sinus imaging. These digital images are essential when a dentist prepares for surgery or dental reconstructions. The result is an effective and fast treatment, giving each patient the best possible results in the future.